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Order Form terms incl. delivery

Under the Licensing Act 2003 by placing an order for this product, you truthfully declare that you are 18 years of age or over. Any such purchase by someone under 18 years will be treated as obtaining goods by deception and will always be followed be legal action by The Association of Small Direct Wine Merchants (ASDW) and a lifetime ban by members of the ASDW even if encouraged by an adult as part of a test purchase. Better go elsewhere.

Hyde Park Wines sells the wine ranges of Wine for Spice  and Sticky Wines

For details of the wines visit wines and return to this Order Form . Note the terms incl. delivery

Delivery any amount = 11 plus vat = 13.20 except Scottish Highlands & Islands and Ireland please contact

Order and Prize Draw Form

The Association of Small Direct Wine-Merchants (ASDW)

Hyde Park Wines Limited is a founder member and organiser of The Association of Small Direct Wine-Merchants (ASDW) which was formed, as the name implies, by a group of British independent small wine merchants directly selling to the general public via mail order and the internet.

Hyde Park Wines is also a member of the UK Wine and Spirits Trade Association (WSTA)


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