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cool refreshingly sparkling wines - refreshing at curry-time, summer-time, anytime

Viceroy WhiteRaja RoséRani Gold


Wine for Spice's wines are available from Hyde Park Wines shop and events around the country.

Jeni Barnett, Great Food Live on UKTV Food:  "Not bad at all. Smells of apricots with a sour apple edge. I'll go for that lovely fizzy one to take home with me for a curry." Rani Gold chosen #1 on   Radio & TV

Jennie Milsom, Good Housekeeping: "We particularly loved Warren's Rani Gold an off-dry semi-sparkling white with a hint of mango."  reviews

Victoria Moore, The Guardian: "I would definitely open Viceroy White on curry night if I had some in the fridge" reviews

Wine for Spice® was created in 2003 to specify and commission quality wines to complement Indian as well as other spicy food such as Szechwan Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai and Mexican food.

Former investment banker, Warren Edwardes, developed his taste for wine as a city dealer and as a corporate treasurer and has often been part of winning teams in wine tasting competitions.

What was missing, according to Edwardes, winner of the Pol Roger Cup 2004, was a good selection of wines specifically created, and not just marketed, to be drunk with curries and spicy food - a range of refreshing "wines for world cuisine".

Many of the wines that are sold as "curry wines" seemed to Edwardes as without any real character to them and merely bland and inoffensive "wine lake" surplus produce. Edwardes says "other than good quality, cool and refreshingly sparkling be it beer, water or wine, are my requirements of a drink to go with a curry or spicy food." Hence his creation of Wine for Spice® and he specified and commissioned the firstwines for Wine for Spice™ - all quality semi-sparkling wines with the refreshing qualities of a cold beer and without tannin or oak:

Viceroy White Crisp Very Dry for Mild Spiced dishes,  Raja Rosé Fruity Quite Dry for Medium Spiced dishes,  Rani Gold Aromatic Off Dry for Hot & Spicy dishes

Edwardes has rapidly been recognised as the world's leading authority on matching wines with spicy food and is a consultant to wine regions and producers around the world. details

Chicken Tikka Masala is the UK's national dish. And Queen Victoria was a great fan of Indian Curry. Sadly for Queen Victoria, Wine for Spice's wines were unavailable in her time.

Vindaloo, seemingly a British dish, was interestingly invented by Portuguese sailors who marinated their meat in wine barrels and added Indian spices, chillies newly brought over from South America, and Garlic. Vinho D'Alho - a garlicky wine marinade sauce. Warren's maternal ancestors, the Braganzas of Mapuça, Goa, were known for their wine cellar. Also in Goa a semi sparkling fermented apple beverage, somewhat similar to a medium strength cider, is a common accompaniment to dishes such as Sorpatel.

Wine for Spice®'s naturally semi-sparkling wines: Viceroy WhiteRaja RoséRani Goldare cool  refreshingly sparkling wines to drink with curries & spicy food - a refreshing alternative to a gassy lager - refreshing at curry-time, summer-time, anytime

The Association of Small Direct Wine-Merchants (ASDW)

Wine for Spice® Limited is a founder member and organiser of The Association of Small Direct Wine-Merchants (ASDW) which was formed, as the name implies, by a group of British independent small wine merchants directly selling to the general public via mail order and the internet.