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cool refreshingly sparkling wines - refreshing at curry-time, summer-time, anytime

Viceroy WhiteRaja RoséRani Gold

So what's so special about the wines from Wine for Spice?

Rani Gold™ chosen #1 on Great Food Live on UKTV Food with Susie Barrie and Jeni Barnett .

Rani Gold™ quoted at £5.99 came top pitted against more expensive wines -

Sainsburys Taste the Difference Grüner Veltliner £6.99: Sainsburys

Greenlough Riesling Nelson 2004 £9.95, Lay & Wheeler

Cono Sur Single Vineyard Gewürztraminer "El Marco" 2005 £7.99 Majestic

Alsace Pinot Gris, Albert Mann Cuvee Albert at £11.99 Oddbins.

UKTV Food Video  UKTV Food MP3

Jeni Barnett Great Food Live UK TV Food

Not bad at all. Smells of apricots with a sour apple edge. I'll go for that lovely fizzy one to take home with me for a curry. I'll go for Number One.

Susie Barrie UK Great Food Live UKTV Food.

I like a cold refreshing drink and wouldn't choose a red wine with a curry. Rani Gold™ is definitely refreshing a blend of Cava and Muscat. A nice touch of sweetness. A bit of fizz really refreshes your palate.

Chris Scott UK Wine ShowChris Scott of UK Wine Show interviews Warren Edwardes published 03 August 2007UK Wine Show

"Warren Edwardes of Wine for Spice sells three naturally fermented, semi-sparkling Spanish wines called Viceroy White, Raja Rose and Rani Gold. All three wines are designed to go with Asian food and have different levels of residual sugar. The key is to make a refreshing wine with off dry sugars. ...

The bubbles enhance the flavour and because the wines have to be served cold they are more refreshing than a still, room temperature drink. The most important thing is to avoid wines with tannins. Steer clear of red wine with hot spicy food because the tannins dry the mouth and highlight the heat of the food. Oaky wines are also a no-no as the vanilla oak flavours clash with cumin, coriander and ginger. So, with spicy food, go for whites with refreshing acidity and a hint of sugar.

Surprisingly, lagers, whilst cool and refreshing, are not the best match for a curry - the hops have a bitterness which fights with the heat. Wheat or white beers are a better alternative.
UK Wine Show interview MP3

BBC Asian Radio Network - Nikki BediBBC Radio Asian Network with Nikki Bedi BBC Asian Network interview MP3

Warren Edwardes interviewed live on radio by Nikki Bedi of BBC Radio Asian Network. "Wine for Spice's wines are a superb concept. They're brilliant. Probably the nicest wines I've had with spicy food. Absolutely superb combination."

CUR1350 radio interview with Ed Bolton and Charlie Forbes CUR 1350 interview MP3

Ed Bolton, Cambridge University Radio CUR1350 and star of "Beauty and The Geek" "I do like this (Viceroy White™). I can just see myself having this (Raja Rosé™) with a curry. It (Rani Gold™ ) just goes down like a treat. All three of the wines from Wine for Spice I would consider buying myself. There seems to be so much going on. Rather nice stuff. It is actually worth trying for yourself."

Kerrang! Radio with "The Monk" Kerrang! Radio interview MP3

The Monk, The Asylum, Kerrang! RadioI like that one (Raja Rosé™) It was rather nice. Every glass that's come my way I've necked.

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Wine for Spice™'s naturally semi-sparkling wines: Viceroy WhiteRaja RoséRani Gold are cool  refreshingly sparkling wines to drink with curries & spicy food - a refreshing alternative to a gassy lager - refreshing at curry-time, summer-time and anytime

The Association of Small Direct Wine-Merchants (ASDW)

Wine for Spice Limited is a founder member and organiser of The Association of Small Direct Wine-Merchants (ASDW) which was formed, as the name implies, by a group of British independent small wine merchants directly selling to the general public via mail order and the internet.