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cool refreshingly sparkling wines - refreshing at curry-time, summer-time, anytime

Viceroy WhiteRaja RoséRani Gold

Raja Rosé

Raja: A prince, chief, or ruler in India or the East Indies. Raja and Rajah come from the Hindi and Sanskrit Raja = king and Maharaja = “great king.” The Sanskrit root raj = “to rule,”. The Indo-European root appears in Latin and Celtic. Rex = “king” in Latin, and thereby the French = royal. The cartoon character Asterix, the Gaul incorporates the Celtic word rx, “king,” in his name.

Wine for Spice's founder Warren Edwardes spent his formative years in boarding school in Rajasthan. It was there that he secretly had his first taste of wine.

"As a 9 year old mischievous schoolboy  I occasionally sampled the wine used by the late Father Bonaventure, the school's Franciscan chaplain", says Edwardes. Rajasthan = “The Land of the Rajas”.

Many of the Rajasthani palaces are made of rose red stone.

Garnacha and Tempranillo are used in the production of Raja Rosé , producing a pale ruddy complexion redolent of cherries and plums with well balanced, clean aromas. Alcohol 12.5% vol.

Raja Rosé is Fruity and Quite Dry and goes well with Medium Spiced dishes such as Mutton or Chicken Tandoori dry dishes and Mutton Dhansak.

for more information on Wine for Spice™'s naturally semi-sparkling cool  refreshingly sparkling wines to drink with curries & spicy food - a refreshing alternative to a gassy lager - refreshing at curry-time & refreshing in the summer-time:
Viceroy White
Raja RoséRani Gold

The Association of Small Direct Wine-Merchants (ASDW)

Wine for Spice Limited is a founder member and organiser of The Association of Small Direct Wine-Merchants (ASDW) which was formed, as the name implies, by a group of British independent small wine merchants directly selling to the general public via mail order and the internet.